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Sat Nov 29, 2003

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Today in History:
2002: Sunset marks the beginning of Hanukkah.
1799: Transcendentalist philosopher and educator Bronson A. Alcott was born.
1832: Author Louisa May Alcott was born.
Asheville, NC

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Mortgage Calculator Mortgage-Bank provides new home owners tips & tricks and frequently asked questions about buying, selling, or flipping a home. Site comes with an instant mortgage calculator and amortization scheduler. more
3D Search Engine This 3D Search engine builds a landscape composed of web sites found matching a visitor search query. It requires a vrml plug-in to view the rendered worlds. Results are courtesy of the Google search API. The vrml 3D ... more
3D Shape Maker The 3DTrue ShapeMaker is a perl-based shape making interface for any vrml engine. It builds 3 dimensional vrml wrl shapes on the fly. Export these meshes to 3D Studio Max, explore in 3D vrml over the web, build complex ... more
3D Terrain Maker Engine The 3D Terrain Maker builds a vrml terrain map from a picture you supply. It finds pixel color values and converts them to height coordinates. These height coordinates are made into a terrain map and a vrml plug-in ... more
Animated GIF MovieMaker ImageMagick and PerlMagick Movie Making Interface tool. Use this form to marry several gif files together into an animated gif. This form takes a series of image url's you specify. Images can be gif, jpeg, or png only. ... more
Current Satellite Weather Map Our satellite maps are updated every half hour. We also make a movie of each day's weather activity. Each day is a 48 framed animated GIF file. Click here to go to the source of the weather maps.The movies are 24 hours ... more
Dictionary Spider Welcome to the MetaSphere Web Dictionary Perl Spider. This script is an active-search dictionary perl spider. Ask the spider for a definition, if it doesn't know it, it spiders the web for the definition and adds it to ... more
Eye Dropper Color Mixer This perl tool uses ImageMagick to fetch a choosen pixel's hex color value. You can use any image you like. This is very handy if you're trying to match an image background perfectly. Just click on the image and the ... more
FCS FLV Video Player Using Flash Communication Server, we can make a complete movie stream player from scratch. These sixteen steps walk us through every step. Steps one through four are mandatory. They introduce the important concept of ... more
Flash MP3 Player Sweet. Flash offers some cool streaming mp3 features. Here's a website perl script which reloads a new mp3 from the playlist after the current song completes playing. User may pause the playback and resume. Adjust ... more
Flash Perl Wav Sequencer Mixer Handy combination of Flash and Perl used to generate wav patterns, write a wav file, then convert the wav into a swf format all from a linux server perl script. To use, click in the green box from top to bottom and a ... more
Flash Preloader Here's a helpful drag-and-drop flash preloader movie clip. This FLA file contains a movie clip called Preloader. You can use this clip as a drag-and-drop preloader for all of your swf files.Style the preloader clip to ... more
Flash Socket Chat Look Mom, no FCS. An interactive chat room built off of Flash XMLSockets and Perl. Server side perl script mimics Flash Communication Server to update all users of the shared event. The perl socket listens for a null ... more
Flash US Atlas Plotter Multi-location Version 0.4 of our US Atlas PlotterThe flash map will plot where in the continental US the city and state are located. Works for any city recognized by the US Post Office as reported by the 2000 US Census Bureau. Enter ... more
Flash US Atlas Plotter Version 0.3 of our US Atlas PlotterThe flash map will plot where in the continental US the city and state are located. Works for any city recognized by the US Post Office as reported by the 2000 US Census Bureau. Enter ... more
FlashCom Audio Chat Room This Flash FCS demo is straight out of the box. A good example for using FCS if you like drag-and-drop. Audio chat below. Flash 6 Player is required to use this. If you have a microphone attached to your computer, you ... more
FlashCom Video Guestbook Application This Flash FCS demo is straight out of the box. A good example for using FCS if you like drag-and-drop. Add a video guestbook entry below. Flash 6 Player is required to use this. If you have a web camera or microphone ... more
Get a Google Search in IM Thanks to Perl and the new Google API, MetaSphere is offering it's first Artificial Intelligence Bot to the general public. You can get a Google search from our AIM AI chatbot Aime. more
Image Map Maker This tool will make an html image map with mouse clicks from any image on the web. The Image Map Maker is one of the first programs we wrote. Back in the Netscape days. You will need a Netscape Browser to use it. Other ... more
Image Page Hit Counter Our free graphic Page Hit Counter is available. You can customize text, color, and size. Very easy to use. Just copy the source code below and paste it into your webpage. Works on any page in your site for as many pages ... more
Image2SWF Convert Image to Flash Pixel2SWF (aka Image2SWF) is our latest image to Flash conversion tool. It converts any pixel-type image to a SWF file. It uses the width, height and name from the original image. Drag one or several images onto the ... more
Live Web Cam of New York City Here's a live web camera shot of New York City. Updated every second. More cams from around the world are available from sites like This is simple javascript which reloads the image every second. By ... more
Lives on Board (LOB) Lives on Board is a unique tracking system built into our traffic modules. Module subscribers have a built-in ip/cookie tracking system running on their site. Member logins and preferences are handled just like any ... more
Shopping Basket Remembers visitors purchases for thirty days, Allows full site browsing with floating checkout. Includes secure encryption through a ssl connection. more
Site Chat Site Chat is a perl based javascript chat server/client. Unlike most chat rooms, ours runs solely off the client's javascript (not java) engine. A clever image-loading pause takes place from our server and your client ... more
Slide Show CGI The Perl Javascript slide show module is a quick and easy slideshow program that preloads and displays images for a given number of seconds. Makes a nice feature thats easy to add to any website. The Slide Show module ... more
Speech2SWF Flash Speech API Introducing Speech2SWF (version 0.0.1). This module is written in Perl and runs on all of our servers. Our Window's speech engine is coaxed into outputing a wav file which is then converted into a swf file. The swf file ... more
The perl faced Image editor ImageMagick and PerlMagick Image Editing Interface form. ImageEdit more
Web Search Internet Search Tool Welcome to the MetaSphere Web Search Engine.Enter a search term and press find.Search the Web Search the Web fast! Over 100 results from the web's top search engines. The new metasphere WebSearch features result caching ... more
Zipcode to Mileage converter in Perl has added zipcode support to our servers. You can now retrieve the estimated mileage between two zipcodes. This feature is built-in for any existing members. We set up an SQL database that all user's have ... more

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