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Thu Aug 21, 2003

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1866: The National Labor Union called on Congress to mandate an eight-hour workday.
Asheville, NC

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Flash Perl Wav Sequencer Mixer

Handy combination of Flash and Perl used to generate wav patterns, write a wav file, then convert the wav into a swf format all from a linux server perl script. To use, click in the green box from top to bottom and a numbered array will appear. These numbers generate a wav pattern pitched off the values you enter. In addition, text may be used in place of number array. Right now the script doesn't deal with mixed numbers and words. So just enter words or just enter numbers. You can add several sounds onto the stage and adjust their volume and pan while you mix your way to velvetta heaven. Right now the program's sound capacity is 8 bit mono. Flash fakes the pan. This program was written in Perl.

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