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Thu Aug 21, 2003

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Today in History:
1866: The National Labor Union called on Congress to mandate an eight-hour workday.
Asheville, NC

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Image Page Hit Counter

Our free graphic Page Hit Counter is available. You can customize text, color, and size. Very easy to use. Just copy the source code below and paste it into your webpage. Works on any page in your site for as many pages as you want. Web Counters don't get any simpler than this! Below (in blue) is the html code for your webpage. Place this code anywhere on your page and you are done. The perl script is able to track where the hit came from to determine which count file to update. That's what makes the code so easy to cut-and-paste. Use the same code on multiple pages on your site.

<img src="" border=0>
There's also a ton of ways to customize your web page counter. You can specify color, size, font face, and alignment. Customize Your Web Counter.

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