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Thu Aug 21, 2003

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1866: The National Labor Union called on Congress to mandate an eight-hour workday.
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Lives on Board (LOB)

Lives on Board is a unique tracking system built into our traffic modules. Module subscribers have a built-in ip/cookie tracking system running on their site. Member logins and preferences are handled just like any other database. ImageMagick supplies a styled out live image of how many people are active on a site. This provides a way for static html pages and script output programs to provide customizing page content relevent to the visitor. Because some users have cookies disabled, the system makes an educated guess based off of repeated ip history. Try it out, enter your name below. This is one of several options you can provide. Click on the My MetaSphere link above(top right) to see more. IP tracking provides a way to provide the visitor with a customized web experience. This experience works inside static html pages too. Enter your name below

Lives on Board (LOB)
Lives On Board


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