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Thu Aug 21, 2003

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Speech2SWF Flash Speech API

Introducing Speech2SWF (version 0.0.1). This module is written in Perl and runs on all of our servers. Our Window's speech engine is coaxed into outputing a wav file which is then converted into a swf file. The swf file is output to stdout so you developers can load a url in their swf files. For example: a simple button to make this work is as follows. Assuming a clip with an instance name of "myClip" is on your main stage. Here's the action script for your button.

myClip.loadMovie(" World");
Clicking the button loads the program from our Windows FCS server. The program outputs a swf file with the speech embedded in native Flash. Here's an example of such a button. We added a text field to allow our movie to change a text message.

Did you know this Flash Speech feature comes with any one of our hosting package on A shameful plug indeed. But a great free tool if you join our hosting network.

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