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Thu Aug 21, 2003

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Today in History:
1866: The National Labor Union called on Congress to mandate an eight-hour workday.
Asheville, NC

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Get a Google Search in IM

Thanks to Perl and the new Google API, MetaSphere is offering it's first Artificial Intelligence Bot to the general public. You can get a Google search from our AIM AI chatbot Aime. AimeShell is available to do a google for you. If you've got Trillian, AOL Instant Messenger, or MSN Messenger, you can connect to our robot. Send a message to buddy AimeShell. Once connected, type "search YourTerm". Aime will return the top five results from google fast. Try it now. Replace the word Metasphere in the form below with a search term. Make sure it says search at the beginning.

AIM Search:
If you don't have AOL Instant Messenger, it's free to use. Check out their register page to signup. NOTE: You do not need to pay AOL or be a customer in order to use their free AIM program. In addition, several other IM Clone's are available, Trillian is one. Try a google on Instant Message Clients for more.

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