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Thu Oct 2, 2003

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El Dios de Cobra. In Memory of the passing of one of America's greatest photographers, Jorge Otero.

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Today in History:
1903: The Boston Americans of the American League played the National League champion Pittsburgh Pirates in the first game of the modern World Series.
Asheville, NC

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Zipcode to Mileage converter in Perl has added zipcode support to our servers. You can now retrieve the estimated mileage between two zipcodes. This feature is built-in for any existing members. We set up an SQL database that all user's have access to. If you are using our WebMaster modules, the task is even easier. Here's a sample to get you started. In your main template, place the following WebMaster tag (in blue):


Replacing zip1 and zip2 with any valid 5 digit zipcode. Your main template will print the number of miles between the two locations. You can see this tool in action with a map plotter too here.
Convert Zip to Miles
  • Zip1:
  • Zip2:

    Distance from - = 0 miles

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