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Tue Nov 18, 2003

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1878: Progressive Era reformer Grace Abbott was born in Grand Island, Nebraska.
1869: The Suez Canal opened after ten years of construction.
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Search Engine Registration Services

If you build it, they will come..." Unfortunately, this does not apply to website development. Too many people plan a stunning, interactive, user-friendly website without budgeting for making sure their website can be found! offers comprehensive search engine registration services designed to get your website found in your key searches.

How do we do it?

The first step is to research and determine the 10 search terms most critical for your business to rank well in. We do this by researching your business and your competition, conducting searches, evaluating the results, the pages which rank well on those searches, and your current standings. Then we integrate important keywords, descriptions and titles into your existing website. We even create 4-5 pages specifically for search engine registration which focus text, keywords, and links which relate most strongly to your focused search terms. Once all this is done, we move to the registration phase.

For search engine registration, there is no magic formula. We get your website registered the old fashioned way. A human being goes to about 30 search engine sites in the place designated by each search engine to submit web sites for indexing. Whatever information required by that engine is supplied to it (this varies widely from search engine to search engine), and the site is added to the queue for that search engine. When it's turn arrives, the search engine will index the site, by reading the title, keywords, headlines and text of the page that was submitted. Usually the search engine will index every page linked to the original page. For this reason we create 4-5 web pages especially designed to have as many links as possible for the specific purpose of registering them with search engines. Each of these pages focuses on a specific area of your web site. The keywords, links, and text of each of these 4-5 pages are all designed to maximize your representation for the search terms you are seeking.

We cannot make guarantees, except that we will submit your site, review the search results with you twice per month, and agree on a plan to try to improve. Search terms are intensely competitive. We have had great success with several clients using this process. We have yet to not place a clients website within the top 50 results for a desired keyword search on the google search engine(google provides AOL, and Yahoo search results as well).

The cost for this service is $1500. It includes researching the most used search terms relating to your product or business, integrating them into your website in the form of text, keywords, and direct links to as many pages on your website as relate to the specific keyword focus of the individual page we will register. We will then register your 4-5 individual pages to over twenty-five major search engines. Twice per month for three months, we will spot check 5-6 of these engines with your search terms, track the ranking of your site, review the sites that are outperforming yours, modify your keywords, text, and page focus, and re-register your pages after changes. Every four weeks for three months, we will report to you by email with a spreadsheet of our analysis, actions and results. Many search engines have a long wait for results to appear so we target the engines most in these spot-checks that refresh more often. We also re-register all pages with all engines every four weeks.

At the end of the twelve weeks, we again register the 4-5 pages we have selected and optimized to the 25+ search engines, and submit our final report to you.

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