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Sun Nov 10, 2005

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Asheville, NC
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Western North Carolina Is Our Home...

Our North Carolina home offers up an abundance of recreational opportunities ...but our clients come from all over the world. Asheville and Black Mountain North Carolina are two of the most beautiful places on earth. We have ready access to hiking, mountain biking, recreational paddling, and exploring in hundreds of places within an hour's drive. The Blue Ridge Parkway passes directly between the city of Asheville and the town of Black Mountain. Historical sights in the area include Chimney Rock Park, The Biltmore Estate, and The Grove Park Inn. North Carolina is a great state and home to some of the best Skiing in the South. If you have never had a chance to visit this area, we encourage you to do so and see why we have chosen WNC as our home.

From Asheville, NC we are able to serve clients large and small across the United States and the world. Our local clients include vacation planners, musicians, outfitters, retailers, photographers, co-operatives, retreat centers, doctors, auto dealers, realtors, and multi-media companies. Our programmers have also collaborated on national projects for clients including Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems Inc, the Dogtown Group LLC of San Francisco, and VIOS of Raleigh, NC. We are the technical programming firm for a project developing a custom interface for autistic child development group, written up in the November 2001 issue of Wired Magazine. We also have clients in the British Isles and in South America.

We believe the natural beauty and cultural diversity of this area enhance our ability to serve clients anywhere in the world. If your company needs web hosting, custom programming, website development, or streaming media solutions you will find our services to be fast, efficient and reliable. Inqueries can be made through our contact form, or by calling 828-253-1210 Between 9:00 and 5:00 Monday through Friday EST.

Web Hosting and Services runs RedHat Linux with Apache and Windows 2000 Flash Communication Server. We offer our customers a full-time OC3 Connection. We do our own DNS lookups and are registered with InterNic as a name server. We provide a full-tilt root access box with extensions including: perl, ssl, php, imagemagick, perlmagick, ghostscript, real media audio/video, flash communication server, sql, postgreSQL, mod_perl and so much more. Our goal is to provide a focused developer-friendly network for owners developers, and webmasters looking to stay at the fore-front of cutting edge web technology. Metasphere is a strong supporter of the open-source movement with a diverse range of people, skills and knowledge. Become a part of today!

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