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Thu Feb 5, 2004

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Flash Communication Server Basic Account

Our Flash Communication Server Basic Account Hosting Package gives you access to a dedicated Win2K server running Flash Communication Server. This package is designed to work with your existing domain*. Complete and fast tech support is included in a low monthly fee. Testing the waters of FCS? Jump in right now for only $35.00. You can cancel anytime! Get started now Sign Up Form.
FCS Basic
$35 per Month
Jump into FCS. The waters great! Did we say no setup fee?
    $35 per Month includes:
  • Flash Communication Server Hosting
  • Up to 10 simultaneous connections
  • 100 Megs of Storage
  • 1 GB Bandwidth/monthly
  • FTP access
  • Keep your existing website. Hosted swf files can be stored on your existing website. use our Basic account to stream your FlashCom Video FCS content!
  • Free Setup! No set-up fee.
  • Test the Waters for 30 days risk free (only $35.00)!

*(Move your existing domain over to MetaSphere now and save money with our FCS Deluxe Package.)

Need Additional Flash Communication Server Connections?

Plans/Pricing:50 connections100 connections250 connections500 connections
Setup fee:$50$100$200$250.00
Monthly fee:$100.00$150.00$400.00$800.00
Bandwidth size:256 Kbs512 Kbs1 Mbs5 Mbs
Bandwidth allowance:10 GB/month
10 GB/month
10 GB/month
10 GB/month
Existing Customers can request additional connections through our support ticket system.

Find Out More About What You Can Do With Flash Communication Server

The Fine Print: All hosting customers must read, agree to, and comply with our Service Agreement. Additional bandwidth is charged monthly at a rate of $10/GB. Additional space will be charged monthly at a rate of $2/10 MB. If you expect to use more bandwidth or space than your package includes, you may wish to consider one of our bandwidth or storage solutions. runs RedHat Linux with Apache and Windows 2000 Flash Communication Server. We offer our customers a full-time OC3 Connection. We do our own DNS lookups and are registered with InterNic as a name server. We provide a full-tilt root access box with extensions including: perl, ssl, php, imagemagick, perlmagick, ghostscript, real media audio/video, flash communication server, sql, postgreSQL, mod_perl and so much more. Our goal is to provide a focused developer-friendly network for owners developers, and webmasters looking to stay at the fore-front of cutting edge web technology. Metasphere is a strong supporter of the open-source movement with a diverse range of people, skills and knowledge. Become a part of today!

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