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Domain Control Panel Customers of Metasphere can access our Domain Control Panel. Use it to configure your hosted domains. Customize your email settings and more with this online tool. Our control panel ... more


Netscape 4.X E-mail Help For Windows Configuring Nescape to receive your Domain emailBefore You Begin...You will need to know your:Domain Name (i.e. not use the www.)Email AddressUser ID (Usually the first part of ... more
Netscape 6 Email Help For Windows Configuring Nescape 6 to receive your Domain emailBefore You Begin...You will need to know your:Domain Name ( ex. Name (Provided by or your System ... more
Outlook Express E-mail Help for the Macintosh Configuring Outlook express to receive your Domain emailBefore You Begin...You will need to know your:Domain Name (i.e. not use the www.)Email AddressUser ID (Usually the first ... more
Outlook Express Help for Windows Configuring Outlook express to receive your Domain email more


Change My DNS Info Doing the Metasphere move? Don't forget your DNS Name Server configuration. Until your domain name is registered to point to our ip address, you won't see your metasphere account*. A change of ... more
Dealing With AOL If you design interactive content for the web, you need to be aware of certain limitations of the AOL Browser. AOL users will have to take one or two additional steps to realize the full benefits of ... more
Flash Streaming MP3 Player First off, this does not require FCS. But it is streaming sound. And it works really well. Feel free to listen to a tune while you read this tutorial. In it, we will make an mp3 player in Flash. ... more
How do we market our site Ok, google is the god of search engines now. They provide AOL, Yahoo, and MSN search engine results. So being listed in the google engine is going to be a critical part of succeding in Internet ... more
Marketing Flash Sites If most of your site is in flash, you have a big stumbling block at the front door. Google and other search engines can't read flash so they won't be able to determine how cool your site is, or even ... more
Preloader in Flash Here's a simple drag-and-drop flash preloader movie clip. This FLA file contains a movie clip called Preloader. You can use this clip as a drag-and-drop preloader for all of your swf files. Style the ... more


FCS FLV Video Player Using Flash Communication Server, we can make a complete movie stream player from scratch. These sixteen steps walk us through every step. Steps one through four are mandatory. They introduce the ... more
FCS SharedObject Example via RTMP This example demonstrates the file structure required for a SharedObject in Flash Communications Server. Use this as a guide to making additional shared objects. This example creates a simple web ... more
Flash Communication Server Firewall Port Test Flash Comm Server Port TestThis test determines which ports the Macromedia Flash Player is able to connect through to the Flash Communication Server located at All users should pass ... more
Getting Started with Flash Communication Server If you want to stream A/V content to any web browser. Flash Communication Server is what you want to use. FCS is an application which runs on a webserver. FCS is a web server, it listens for flash ... more
How to Stream an FLV Movie via RTMP If you want to stream in Flash, you will have to make an FLV file. FLV is currently proprietary so the only way to render is through Flash MX or Sorenson Spark. Streaming Macromedia FLV files in ... more
Make an FLV File in Flash To stream in Flash, you need to make a Flash Video File (FLV). FLV is currently a proprietary format of Flash. The only way to generate FLV files is through Flash MX or the Sorenson Spark Pro ... more
Retrieving FLV length via ActionScript If you want to retrieve the length of your streamed FLV file, you've got some work to do. The only way you can retrieve this value via Flash is by calling a server-side ActionScript. Once you master ... more
Shared Text Box in FCS via RTMP This example shows how to create a common shared text box. Replace UserName with your UserName on our server. Open the test script in two or more seperate browser windows. When you type in one window ... more
Web Camera connection via RTMP First off, the simple camera connection statement. This works locally without FCS. It is built into Flash MX. Place this action script in frame one and open the library palette. In the library, ... more


Accepting Paypal Subscriptions You may have noticed that hosting accounts are paid for using Paypal Subscription Service. We have found this to be an extremely efficient way to bill our clients for monthly services. ... more
Add a Paypal Shopping Cart to Your Website When you use PayPal's free Shopping Cart on your website, your customers can purchase multiple items with a single payment, browse your entire selection, and view a consolidated list of all their ... more
Paypal Instant Payment Notification Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is PayPal's interface for handling real-time purchase confirmation and server-to-server communications. IPN delivers immediate notification and confirmation of ... more
Paypal Merchant Credit Card Accounts So you want an E-commerce site... more


Creating a New Database Your webmaster modules come equipped with powerful tools to manage and display databases which can be imported from external sources, as well as exported from your website to be managed with powerful ... more
Hello World ImageMagick Draw Command Output from helloworld.cgi using imagemagick to read an image called "map.gif" and draw rectangles and circles on top of the map image. Finally outputs the image to a browser with the proper ... more
Importing an Excel Database to Your Website Importing your Microsoft Excel Databases to Your Web Server First, login to your website as the webmaster.   Once inside, from your webmaster control panel, click View Database, then Excel. ... more
WebMaster Actions MainMenuMost often used to display a general welcome message or a splash screen upon entering a database section. You can edit the MainMenu text by editing the variable "mainMenu".Once logged in you ... more
Webmaster Module Help So you've got a new Webmaster Module...The first thing you may notice about your website is that at the bottom of each page is a link that says login. Anytime you need to edit or make changes to your ... more

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