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Importing an Excel Database to Your Website

Importing your Microsoft Excel Databases to Your Web Server

First, login to your website as the webmaster.  
Once inside, from your webmaster control panel, click View Database, then Excel.

Click the Browse button to browse your local computer for the .xls file you have created to import.
Find the .xls folder on your local computer, then click the Open button at the bottom
Click the UPLOAD button.
On the next screen, click CONVERT TO DATABASE.
On the next screen, make sure the Convert Excel File is the one that you just imported. In the to Database field, select the database that you have created on your server to display your excel database on your website. Then click CONVERT XLS TO DATABASE button at the bottom of the screen.
Then, at the top of your screen, click the link that says Show All. You should see your database and all of the related field info. Click the Update Link in the top menu. If you have set up your display preferences, your changes will be reflected on your website

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