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Webmaster Module Help

So you've got a new Webmaster Module...

The first thing you may notice about your website is that at the bottom of each page is a link that says login. Anytime you need to edit or make changes to your site, you can click that link and type in your webmaster password. Once you have logged in this link will change, and offer you various links to edit individual pages, view page hits, and access the webmaster control panel.

Webmaster Control Panel

Your webmaster control panel contains quick links to the 'backside' of each area of your website. By 'backside' we mean areas which allow you to manipulate the appearance and content of your website, but are not seen by your sites visitors. Only you or your authorized webmaster will ever see these pages. The following areas are quick linked through our webmaster control panel..


Database Inventory

  • Upload Photo
    Here you can upload a gif, jpeg, or swf file from your desktop, or take one directly from any web page and save it to your server. Simply click 'Browse' to select the image from your computer, or, type the URL of the image you wish to import directly from the web in the second field and then click upload..

    Upload Image

  • Add Entry
    This link will take you directly to the add a page form in the current database. You will want to be careful to be sure you are adding your item to the correct database if you have multiple databases established. You can change databases with the select bar at the top of the page..

    New Database Item

  • View Database
    This will show you all of the items in your database. you can change the current database in the select bar at the top left.View Database


Display Prefs (webmaster only...requires knowlege of html code and use of )

  • Index Prefs
    Normally used only by your webmaster to alter the mainMenu, viewInventory, and viewCategory functions for the default database.
  • Shop Prefs
    Normally used only by your webmaster to alter the appearance of the shopping basket.
  • Search Prefs
    Normally used only by your webmaster to alter the appearance of the search window.
  • Main Template
    Normally used only by your webmaster to alter the appearance of the main template.


  • Text Editor
    Quick edits to any database prefs or other text documents used in the site. Edits the contents of the any text file in the /text folder on the server
  • Random Quotes
    Allows you to enter random quotes or edit the existing. Notice each entry allows html and is separated by two percent signs on an individual line.
  • Calendar
    edit the contents of the calendar. each entry should have the date, then a vertical bar, then the description. For example to add an asheville tourists game on sept 27, we would go to the month september, and on a new line, type


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