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Make an FLV File in Flash

To stream in Flash, you need to make a Flash Video File (FLV). FLV is currently a proprietary format of Flash. The only way to generate FLV files is through Flash MX or the Sorenson Spark Pro application. In Flash, the FLV editing process takes place in the library pallette. Foreign video formats can be imported into the library as a video object. These video objects are converted and exported to an flv video file. This flv file is your finished product. It must rest on a Flash Communication Server in order to be streamed. In addition, Shared persistent web cameras and microphones are also saved as flv files by the FCS application.

Pretty much any video format with the exception of RealPlayer can be imported in Flash. Ironically, you cannot currently import a flv file (that's what i said). So open Flash, and open your library pallette. In the pallette, make a new embedded video symbol. Right click on the new symbol and edit properties. A dialog box will open. here you can import a foreign video file form your computer. Several preferences can be changed in this dialog. After your video has been imported, choose EXPORT. This will make the flv file. You can set the saved preferences for the FLV file in this dialog. After exporting, all that's left is to upload the flv file to the server. In your folder, your flv will go into the streams folder. Inside of streams, there needs to be a project folder you specify in your Flash player stage. See our streaming flv help doc for more info on playing your flv file.

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