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Wed Dec 3, 2003

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Getting Started with Flash Communication Server

If you want to stream A/V content to any web browser. Flash Communication Server is what you want to use. FCS is an application which runs on a webserver. FCS is a web server, it listens for flash requests and handles multi-client communications. It can share microphone ports between multiple computers, web camera too. Socket based sharing of text and objects complete the RTMP Flash MX solution.

As with any program, FCS is licensed by macromedia. Sadly, they are charging a per connection rate for their licenses. They run for $500 - $5,000. Each license has software imposed bandwidth and connection limits. FCS also requires a dedicated windows 2000 server platform. FCS uses port 80 when needed so there are some stumbles when running it alongside a full-fledged web server. Apache2 and IIS will run alongside FCS but it is not recommended. provides a windows environment dedicated to running Flash Communication Server. We feel it compliments our Linux network well. To keep FCS in top shape, all DNS, SMTP, and HTTP requests are handled by Linux.

We've been running FCS at Metasphere since macromedia release in July. After some kinks were fixed dealing with FTP user accounts and FCS folders, we are happy and confident with our current FCS configuration. Overall, we are very impressed with macromedia's latest release. offers two standard hosting packages for FCS. We provide the license and the web space for your Flash Communications Server projects. All you pay is a month fee for hosting. Our basic package is only $35.00/month. We also offer a dual web and FCS hosting solution for $50.00/month. See this page for more information and specifics: Flash Communication Server Hosting

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