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Wed Dec 3, 2003

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Dealing With AOL

If you design interactive content for the web, you need to be aware of certain limitations of the AOL Browser. AOL users will have to take one or two additional steps to realize the full benefits of some of your services. AOL users are numerous and loyal, so you will wish to include them in all aspects of your services. Unfortunately, the AOL Browser has significant limitations. AOL users may have noticed difficulties for instance, uploading pictures to websites. They may have thought it was the website, or their computer, but the reality is that there are many things that the AOL browser does not do. We do not know why the AOL browser is limited in this way (especially since AOL owns Netscape, which has full capability), but with three clicks and typing, your AOL visitors can be in business through their aol connection while still realizing the full features of your website.

Instructions for activating Internet Explorer through an AOL account:
  • First, minimize your AOL browser by clicking the minus sign in the top right corner as shown in the image on the right. Do not close the AOL browser, or you will end your session and terminate your internet connection.
  • Second, on your desktop, double-click the internet explorer icon (a blue, lower case e) to open internet explorer.
  • click image to enlargeYou are almost there! Internet Explorer will open to it's default home page. All you have to do now is to tell Internet Explorer to go to your home page. Click within the address bar in internet explorer, and type, and hit return. Our homepage will appear and you will be ready to go with all of the features we offer, through your AOL connection, using Internet Explorer.
  • You may wish to present your AOL help document in a pop up window like the one below

    AOL Users?
    Click here for help.
    To do this, use the code below
    <A HREF="#" onClick="'http://your-aol-help-url', 'AOL', config='height=500,width=700,scrollbars=yes')"><img src=http://your-image><BR>AOL Users?<BR>Click here for help.</a>

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