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Wed Dec 3, 2003

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Marketing Flash Sites

If most of your site is in flash, you have a big stumbling block at the front door. Google and other search engines can't read flash so they won't be able to determine how cool your site is, or even what it is about. We suggest if your primary site is in Flash, building a static html site in addition to it with as much text content as you can. We also recommend having links to your pages from as many foreign sites as you can. Signup for web rings, or just hand out your site link to anyone who will publish it. Notice that a site link is 1000% more powerful than a banner ad. In actuality, banner ads don't help you a bit b/c your link is never even publish with a banner xchange.

So the task of registering Flash sites falls back into the grassroots movement again. Lately, metasphere has gotten a large amount of traffic via our macromedia forum postings. This is also direct marketing and the few weeks we've been posting to macromedia forums we have made two sales. Posting to macromedia involves signing up at macromedia and asking or answering questions in their online forums. Since your name is published with everything you say in the forum, we added a link to metasphere underneath our name. Voila, we have more traffic from macromedia.

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