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Wed Dec 3, 2003

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How do we market our site

Ok, google is the god of search engines now. They provide AOL, Yahoo, and MSN search engine results. So being listed in the google engine is going to be a critical part of succeding in Internet Marketing. The good news is registering to the google search engine is free.

As far as specifics about what keywords to use, that depends. It depends on what you are after as well as what other people are after. It's going to vary from market to market sadly, so i can't give you a magic list. I can tell you that you are most qualified to make this decision though. Beware of third party submission services. They don't get your site into google like you could on your own.

A clients sells widgets on the net. With his market, "widgets" is his strongest keyword. He used to use "widget" until he switched one day. The response was phenomenal. Plural widgets in his case was very effective. I would start off by searching on google for your competition. What keywords did you use to find them? Which keywords had the most pages found? Where would you like to see yourself? View the source of the pages that rank well and see what keywords they use. Search for the actual domain (i.e. and see what pages on the web have links to the high ranking sites. Stuff like that. You can get to number 1 without paying a dime. It just takes time and patience.

Also of importance is the PageRanking system by google. They give each page a rank once it's earned a certain amount of umph in their database. Higher ranked pages are considered more important. The more important pages show up first in your google query. For example, macromedia is rated by google as 10 of 10. is today 5/10. 0/10 doesn't mean you are bad, just means you aren't considered a ranked page.

This PageRanking system has been something we've been focusing on since Fall 2002. In September we were 0/10. Now three of our customers domains are PageRanked. Metasphere is currently the highest ranked site we host. Another important point is this. If your site link is found on another site with a super high page rank, that link is considered with more bearing versus a non-PageRanked site. So if macromedia thinks is worthy of a link, it must be. For this reason, we also recommend having links to your pages from as many foreign sites as you can. Signup for web rings, or just hand out your site link to anyone who will publish it. Notice that a site link is 1000% more powerful than a banner ad. In actuality, banner ads don't help you a bit b/c your link is never even publish with a banner xchange.

For more information about the PageRank system, go straight to the source. Google PageRank. Important to note, we have also explored google's AdWord service, Overture submission service, yahoo submissions, and Inktomi submissions. These are all paid marketing options.

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