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Wed Dec 3, 2003

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Change My DNS Info

Doing the Metasphere move? Don't forget your DNS Name Server configuration. Until your domain name is registered to point to our ip address, you won't see your metasphere account*. A change of address form is required by your registrar first. If you bought your domain name with NetSol, formerly Network Solutions, click here to login and change your domain information. You want the "transfer your domain to another ISP" form.
Here's the low-down.
Primary Name Server
Secondary Name Server

If your registrar only asks for a primary nameserver and not a primary or secondary ip address, that's okay, just enter The registrar is looking up the information for you. It should always reflect the above addresses regardless of your registrar.

Attention Metasphere customers: We are more than happy to set up a temporary domain you can use to test your server before changing your DNS. This is a free service we offer all our customers. The metasphere account holder's username is used as a subdomain. So user Fred can see his site at

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