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Netscape 4.X E-mail Help For Windows

Configuring Nescape to receive your Domain email

Before You Begin...

You will need to know your:

  • Domain Name (i.e. not use the www.)
  • Email Address
  • User ID (Usually the first part of your email address before the @ symbol)
  • Password
  • The outgoing mail server for your dialup or broadband internet connection. You should have been provided this information from your Internet Service Provider at the time of your service activation, or you may find it in the settings for your dialup email account.

The above information, with the exception of your outgoing mail server, should have been provided to you at your hosting activation by your system administrator.

Getting to the Preferences

  • Below is an image of the Netscape Navigator 4.0x (Communicator) browser window.
  • To configure Netscape Mail or News click Edit then Click Preferences from the top of the netscape window to view Netscape Preferences settings.
  • Once configured you can go directly to the Netscape Mail by clicking the letter box image on the lower right corner of the Netscape window.


  • In the field Your Name: type your name as you would like it to appear in the heading of all emails you send. You can leave this blank and your name will not appear.
  • In the field Email Address: type your email address (ex.
  • In the field Reply-to address: type an email address for people to reply to if you do not want them to reply to your email address above. You can leave this blank and it will be the same as your email address above.
  • In the field Organization: type your organization name if desired. You can leave this blank and nothing will show in the heading of your emails for organization.
  • The Signature settings are your preferences.
  • Click Messages on the left side of the preferences window


All options under the Messages branch are your preferences.
  • It is best not to automatically email messages (use the copy feature).
  • Click More Options... to display other features.
  • Click Mail Server on the left side of the preferences window.

Mail Servers

  • In the field Mail server user name: type in the userid you were assigned by your system administrator.
  • In the field Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: type The outgoing mail server information provided by your dialup or broadband Internet Service Provider. This should have been given to you at the time of your signup or installation with your Internet Service Provider.
  • In the field Incoming mail server: type your domain Name ( i.e. --do not use the www ).
  • The Mail Server Type should be POP3.
  • Do not check the option Leave messages on server after retrieval, or your mailbox may become full.
  • Click More Options... to display other features.

And that's it!! Click O.K. and you're done. Properly configured, netscape should easily handle all the email you might ever need. Unfortunately, netscape does not allow multiple accounts at this time so if you have more than one email account we recommend Outlook Express, bundled with the Internet Explorer Web Browser. If you are still haing trouble, click here

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