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Tue Aug 5, 2003

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Today in History:
1753: George Washington became a Master Mason, the highest rank in the order.
Asheville, NC

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Choose the Most Relevant Search Engines

Next, Visit Google (or use your new toolbar) to type in 5-10 different keyword or phrase searches which you believe searchers interested in your site might use. Other search engines of note are Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Google, however contributes to search results from Yahoo and AOL, so a Google search should let you know what you need to for roughly 75% of web searches. MSN seach results are provided by a different engine, Looksmart. Therefore, it is recommended that you check at least Google and MSN searches to come up with your principal competitiors.

Search Engine Usage:

  • Google - 29.5% of searches

  • Yahoo - 28.9% of searches

  • MSN - 27.6% of searches

  • AOL - 18.4% of searches

  • NetRatings for January 2003. Results do not add up to 100% as some searchers use more than one search engine

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