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Thu Feb 12, 2004

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1837: Painter Thomas Moran, whose depictions of western landscapes inspired Americans to conserve and cherish the wilderness, was born.
Asheville, NC

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Search Engine Optimization

The Purpose of Search Engine Optimization The purpose of search engine optimization and registration is to increase traffic to your website by ranking high in the results of searches by visitors searching with the most appropriate keywords describing the content of your site. This relative ... more
Google Toolbar - Every SEO's Best Friend To begin, save yourself some time and aggravation, plus gain valuable information for every page you look at from now on by getting yourself the Google Toolbar. If you've been reading our site for long, you are probably aware that we find Google to ... more
Choose the Most Relevant Search Engines Next, Visit Google (or use your new toolbar) to type in 5-10 different keyword or phrase searches which you believe searchers interested in your site might use. Other search engines of note are Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Google, however contributes to ... more
Choose Your Keywords Next you will want to determine the keywords being used by the sites you have saved as your competition. to do this, go to the site, then click the 'View' tab at the top and choose 'source' or 'page source'. One of the first tags on the page will ... more
Optimize Your Title Tag The title tag of your page is the absolute most important factor to consider when optimizing your web page for the search engines. This is because most engines & directories place a high level of importance on keywords and phrases that are found ... more
Optimize Your Page Copy The copy on your page is also very important in order to achieve better search engine listings. Actually, it is very close to being as important as your title tag (especially for Google)! By 'copy' we mean the actual text on your page that a visitor ... more
Use Images To Add Keywords To Your Page Any images on your page can help your listings too. Each image on your page can include a keyword phrase or two that relates to the image. This text will also show up & help those that may have their images turned off when visiting your site. ... more
Check The Competitions Inbound Links As you come up with websites you want to compete with, quickly add them to your favories in a new folder so you can review them periodically. Once you have completed your list of competitiors, it is time to do a link check. In this step, you will ... more
Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Avoid There are several things, considered "spamming", that you can do to try to get your page listed higher on a search engine results page. As a rule of thumb, you should never try to trick or deceive a search engine in any way, or you risk ... more

Web Marketing

Internet Marketing Marketing your website is a full-time job. Registering with search engines, getting links and web-rings and bulletin boards and web forum postings are all part of this job. The more you use the web, the more places you'll find to drop your site ... more
Search Engine Registration Services If you build it, they will come..." Unfortunately, this does not apply to website development. Too many people plan a stunning, interactive, user-friendly website without budgeting for making sure their website can be found! offers ... more
Google AdWord Service There are three programs, preimium sponsored, adwords select, and adwords. We recommend trying the latter two, establishing a budget for each of them, creating your ads, and measuring what happens. Largely this measurement will be in checking ... more
Self-Help Guide to Marketing Your Website Ok, google is the god of search engines now. They provide AOL, Yahoo, and MSN search engine results. So being listed in the google engine is going to be a critical part of succeeding in Internet Marketing. The good news is registering to the google ... more
Self-Help Guide to Marketing Flash Websites If most of your site is in flash, you have a big stumbling block at the front door. Google and other search engines can't read flash so they won't be able to determine how cool your site is, or even what it is about. We suggest if your primary site ... more
Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Registration List Search Engine Registration ListThis list of search engine registration pages has been provided for the do-it-yourselfer to use while registering their website with the search engines. To use it, simply click on one of the links. The search engine's ... more
External Link Strategies Much has been written here and elsewhere about external links to your page. These are links you place on other sites which direct visitors to you. What follows are important points to consider as you find sites to list your site on, and place your ... more
SEO Firm Problems and Prevention There are a multitude of companies out there, promising you the moon for your websites search engine rankings. Sadly, many of them are not delivering what they promise. Even worse, some of the techniques employed can bring your pages rank down or ... more
12 Weeks To Higher Search Engine Ranking Week One: 10 hours Research and determine the 10 search terms most critical for your business to rank well in Add any and all available content to the existing html pages, add additional pages if possible with available information about your ... more

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