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Thu Aug 7, 2003

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1890: Baseball great Cy Young pitched his first professional game.
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Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Registration List

Search Engine Registration List

This list of search engine registration pages has been provided for the do-it-yourselfer to use while registering their website with the search engines. To use it, simply click on one of the links. The search engine's registration page will appear in a new window. Fill out whatever form is required by that engine. When you are finished, close the window to return to the list and submit to the next engine. We have found it most useful to prepare a text document with all the pertinent information about your website (url, contact name, contact email, keywords, short and long descriptions, etc...) before beginning for quick and easy copy pasting into each form. Of course, before you begin you should follow the tips in the other pages of this section to make sure your webpage is optimized for registration.

If you enjoy this free service, PLEASE SUPPORT THIS LIST by finding other free search engine registration pages and submitting them via this link

Add a Submit url to this database

Together we can maintain this tool as a useful helper for the do it yourself search engine marketer.

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