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Tue Aug 5, 2003

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1753: George Washington became a Master Mason, the highest rank in the order.
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Optimize Your Page Copy

The copy on your page is also very important in order to achieve better search engine listings. Actually, it is very close to being as important as your title tag (especially for Google)! By 'copy' we mean the actual text on your page that a visitor to your site would read.

Not including important keywords in your text will result in poor search engine ranking, even if you follow all of our other recommendations.

Just like a visitor to your site will read the copy on your page to figure out what you have to offer, the search engine robots do too. What are the search engines looking for when they index your page text? Keyword phrases, of course!

Page text tips:

  • For best results we recommend that each page you submit has at least 250 words of copy on it. There is some cases where this much text can be difficult to put on a page, but the search engines really like it so you should do your best to increase the amount of copy wherever you can.

  • This text should include your most important keyword phrases, but should remain logical to your human visitors.

  • Be sure to use those phrases that you have used in your other tags (i.e. metas, alt, headings, title, etc.) which are specific to your page content during the optimization process.

  • More pages is better than fewer pages! Add more pages to your site. For example, how-to articles, tips or tutorials. These types of content pages not only help you in the search engines, but many other sites will link to them too.

  • Don't ignore this tip! Optimizing your page copy is one of the most important things you could possibly do to improve your listings in the search engines. So, make sure you have plenty of it even if you need to redesign your site to work it in!

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